Monday 7 February 2011

6000th Page View!

6000 views is nothing in the great scheme of things, Hooniverse can probably fart more page views than that every single day. But the the fact that people have clicked onto my dusty little blog and found something of interest on six thousand seperate occasions means the world to me. Thanks for that.

It's time for me to plan for the future. This is my sixtieth post on Roadwork, I try to do at least a couple of posts every week, but it all takes time and, believe it or not, effort. One things sure; I'm not about to quit any time soon, I'll continue posting my claptrap until it becomes illegal to do so. What I would ask of you, though, is this: If you visit this site regularly, or if there's an article you particularly enjoy, please tell people about it. I love putting this stuff together, and the more people that read it the more effort I'm driven to put into it. If, however, you think it sucks, please get in touch and tell me why.

Meanwhile I can promise you, if you stick around, er.... more of the same old stuff, really.