On this page you can download .PDF copies of my work so far, in addition to the stories uploaded onto ROADWORK UK and those kindly hosted by my friends at

My account of a day behind the wheel of the Fiat 500 Abarth.
Just how much car will two ponies (£100) get you these days?
 (Download ROADWORK Hundredquid.pdf)
Is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class still a luxury legend?

Scrappage scheme:- Investing in the future or reckless vandalism?
In '97 Volvo finally let their hair down. The rest is history.
Are the French still the masters of Frenchness?
(Download ROADWORK Citroen.pdf)

My day experiencing the power and noise of the DTM
Download ROADWORK DTM.pdf

ROADWORK 2010: Second Edition. How my work might look
were it to be published as an over-the-counter publication.
(Download ROADWORK 2010.pdf)

Please note that these have been quite heavily compressed for ease of upload and download, the photos may have lost some definition. Also please note that you may have to adjust your Acrobat Reader settings in the "view" toolbar to view ROADWORK properly.

I hope you enjoy ROADWORK as much as I have enjoyed producing it. Please feel free to leave comments below.