Sunday 1 April 2012

Roadwork Portable:- The Answer To My Telephonic Needs?

I now own a Samsung Galaxy Note, usurping my previous Sony Satio Telephone Of Fail. This post, the first of my potential Roadwork Portable transmissions from in the field; should prove one way or another whether the entire concept is a sound one.

One thing seems sure; the blogger app is somewhat limited in its formatting options, so be prepared for Roadwork Portable entries to look a little messier than usual. Expect also more spelling and syntax errors, as I gradually get used to this keyboard which; though colossal for a phone, is still tiny for a computer. (edit: have discovered that I can edit posts later from my PC. And that the photos uploaded via the Blogger App appear hopeless.)

However. Blogger on the go should mean more opportunity for writing; which should mean more content for Roadwork. Well, let's see how that works out....