Sunday 12 February 2012

Upheaval;- Routine Maintenance

Well, not really. I'm being over-dramatic. I am having a bit of a tidy-up, though. I figure I might as well get this place spick and span and ready to acommodate the influx of new material I'm bound to generate now the whole "buying a house" shitstorm is looking after itself nicely. Though I fear change, I have made a few slight adjustments here and there.

 Most noticably I've enabled AdSense. I know looking at advertising spoils the fun, but to be frank if I can get a few pence towards retaining the domain name, it's well worthwhile.

Secondly I've binned some of the widgets over there> that looked ugly and weren't really being used. The Twitter link still works, as soon as I get a cellphone that ISN'T A PIECE OF UNDERWHELMING SONY ERICSSON CACK I can actually start to use Twitter properly. That'll be fun.

Thirdly, I've finally enabled Intensedebate commenting. This supercedes the old and slightly anonymous Blogger system and means that you can direct your approval or your torrent of abuse using the same username you do on Hooniverse or AtomicToasters. Basically, I've finally dragged this little site kicking and screaming into the latter half of the twentieth century. Late Eighties, perhaps.

("Lady wrenching on bike" image borrowed from Linkback )